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1 any loose flowing garment
2 outerwear consisting of a long flowing garment used for official or ceremonial occasions [syn: gown] v : clothe formally; especially in ecclesiastical robes [syn: vest]

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From robe, from West Germanic *rauba ‘booty’, later ‘stolen clothing’ (related to English rob).


  • /ɹəʊb/


  1. A long loose outer garment, often signifying honorary stature.



  1. To clothe someone in a robe.



, from West Germanic *rauba ‘booty’, later ‘stolen clothing’.


  • /ʁɔb/


fr-noun f
  1. dress, frock
  2. fur of an animal
    Ce cheval a une robe isabelle.
  3. wine's colour


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  1. Plural of roba

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A robe is a loose-fitting outer garment. A robe is distinguished from a cape or cloak by the fact that it usually has sleeves. The English word robe is borrowed from French, although in French it typically refers to a woman's dress. There are various types of robes, including:
  • A gown worn as part of the official dress of a peer or royalty.
  • An informal garment worn chiefly in the home.
    • One such example is a bathrobe, a garment made of terrycloth or another towel like material and is typically worn at home after a bath or other activities where the wearer is nude to keep warm and/or preserve modesty in times of no immediate need to fully dress. (Also called a house coat.) See, for example, that worn by the fictional character Arthur Dent.
  • (Informal usage) Any long flowing garment; for example, a cassock is sometimes called a robe, despite the fact that the cassock is close-fitting.

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